Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

​Mardi Gras Parade

The 2016 Muscle Boat Run was a great success and Possum Kingdom Muscle Boat Association donated $750 to the Jackets Float, Kids Don't organization.  For 2017 Hell on Water Poker Run, PKMBA donated $10, 000 to Jackets Float, Kids Don't and the Possum Kingdom EMS (East & West).

For 2018 Hell on Water POker Run donated $20,000 to Possum Kingdom EMS (East & West).

Despite the cold and wet weather, the Mardi Gras Parade was a success!   Beads and candy were distributed by many fun and creative floats!

Possum Kingdom West side Volunteer EMS


Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce


Possum Kingdom Muscle Boat Association wants to be a part of the community both on the water and dry land.  

Benefiting Charities

Jackets Float, Kids Don'tis a non-profit organization based out of Possum Kingdom Lake.  There goal is to make life jackets available to the children on the public beaches of Possum Kingdom Lake.  They are committed to making Possum Kingdom Lake a safe and fun place to be! Keeping kids safe!

Thanks to Clay and Skyler Carver, Meagan Lawhorn and Ricky Williams for decorating the boat and bringing it to the CoC Truck or Treat and passing out candy.